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Heinrich's cave - Sundwiger Tropfsteinhöhle - Dripstone Cave of Sundwig

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Location: A46 exit Hemer, B7 towards Menden, in Hemer turn right, in Hemer-Sundwig turn off at Hotel Meise.
Fee: Adults EUR 3, Children (3-15) EUR 2. Groups (15+): Adults EUR 2.50, Children (3-15) EUR 1.60. [2006]
Classification:  Karst cave, Middle Devonian reef
Light: electric
Dimension: L=3000m. GR: H=19m. T=9°C.
Guided tours: L=300m, D=40min, V=14,000/a [2005].
Address: Höhlen- und karstkundliches Informationszentrum Hemer/Westfalen, Felsenmeerstraße 32, 58675 Hemer, Tel: +49-2372-61549, Fax: +49-2372-61549. E-mail: contact
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1771cave entrance shown in a map.
1812discovered by Heinrich von der Becke.
1903bought by Heinrich Meise.
1905electric light, opened to the public.
1940new owner is Otto Lehnert, cave closed to the public.
1976leased by the city of Hemer, reopened.
1998managed by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Höhle und Karst Sauerland, a local caving club.
1999electric light renovated.


This cave is called Heinrichshöhle after its discoverer, Heinrich von der Becke. Following the official discovery legend, he found the cave first in 1812. New research revealed an entry of the cave in a map from 1771, fifty years before. However, the name will definitely not be changed.

The Heinrichshöhle is the entrance part of a huge cave system called Perick cave system. It is the historic part, which was already open during the time of the cave bear, who used this cave for hibernation. Huge piles of bear bones were found by the first explorers, many were removed, but still an impressive amount remains in the cave. 18 complete skeletons were reconstructed, one of them is on display in the cave.

Because of centuries of accessibility and use, the cave suffered many damages. But even without overwhelming speleothems, this cave is still well worth a visit. Benath the bear bones there are impressive river forms and up to 20m high clefts. And right behind the cave ist the Hemer Felsenmeer, which is well worth a visit.

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