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Zwiefaltendorfer Tropfsteinhöhle

Dripstone Cave of Zwiefaltendorf

Useful Information

Location: From 44km to Obermarchtal, turn right to Zwiefaltendorf. Below the restaurant and brewery Zum Rössle in Zwiefaltendorf. 26,5km NE Sigmaringen. (74,Kd59)
Open: During the open hours of the restaurant, Mon-Sat 9-21, Sun closed. Tours at the full hour.
Fee: none
Classification:  tufa cave,  primary cave.
Light: electric
Dimension: L=26,5m, W=3m, H=4m.
Guided tours: L=26,5m, D=15 min
Bibliography: -
Address: Familie Blank, Gasthaus Zum Rößle, Von-Speth-Straße 19, 88499 Riedlingen-Zwiefaltendorf, Tel: +49-7373-643, Fax: +49-7373-2533
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15-MAR-1892opened to the public.


The Zwiefaltendorfer Tropfsteinhöhle (dripstone cave of Zwiefaltendorf) was discovered in 1892, when the brewery cellars were extended. The brewery already had three levels of beer cellars, and the owner planned to build a fourth level below. But when the men started to dig, they soon found the cave. They dug a staircase into the soft tufa, leveled the floor of the cave and two months later the cave was opened to the public with a celebration. It seems rather logical to inaugurate a cave owned by a landlord with a festival...

Today the cave is still entered through three levels of beer cellars with brewery equipment and beer barrels. The tours are typically guided by the son of the landlord, who will answer questions on beer brewing and destilling Schnaps. The products of the house can be consumed after the tour in the restaurant above or taken home.

The small river Zwiefalter Aach flows along the restaurant, right above the cave. Its water has no connection to the beer cellars or the cave below. The cave is 10m deep below the surface, at the level of the nearby Danube. And although there is no connection to the Aach above, there is a connection to the Danube 50m away. When the danube has high water, the cave gets flooded and it is not possible to visit the cave.

The Zwiefaltendorfer Tropfsteinhöhle is a  Tufa Cave, it belons to the rare  primary caves. This explains, why the cave is called Tropfsteinhöhle (dripstone cave): the cave does not contain dripstone, it is formed inside a block of dripstone (tufa, travertine).

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