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Welcome to my personal bookstore: that is what I always dreamt of, a bookstore of my own! (Though many people say, my home looks like a bookstore.) I made the association with Amazon because of two reasons: I am using their enormous database for my literature searches and it is extremly useful. And second, the referral fees. So please, buy lots of books, because I hope to be millionaire by the next three months - or so.....

The Speleo Bookstore contains a collection of books around caves, earth science and much more. I own many of those books myself, sometimes the books stand on the list for next Christmas. I have added (small) reviews on the books I like very much.

And here is the highlight of the Speleo Bookstore - my momentary favourite:
Cave Passages - Roaming the Underground Wilderness (Vintage Departures) by Michael Ray Taylor
Paperback - 288 pages - Vintage Books - ISBN: 0679781250

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