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ShowCaveBlog Our own blog, a completion of the website, where information is publish which does not make it into our webpages, either because it is slightly out of topic, only of temporary interest, or simply silly... Language English.
CaverInfo - The latest news from the caving scene As the name says, this is a blog listing news from the caving scene. Opened in August 2009 there were numerous fine posts and link tips in the very first weeks. Have a look at the links to cave related maps. We hope Gabor Losonci, the blog owner, will keep up the fine work!
Speleoblog Despite the neutral name, this is not a blog about general speleology, it is an Italian Language Blog about caving in Italy. Othere topics are cave bears and sport related things.
Nieuws vanuit de diepte (The unauthorized Spekul blog) SPEKUL is the Leuven University Caving Club, this blog is about their activities and speleology in Belgium. Lanugage is Flemish aka Nederlands.
Scintilena - Notiziario di Speleologia An Italian blog about caving.
Scintilena - English Version Same operator as the last one, based in Italy but in English.
Cavewalker Blog A German language blog about German caving in Germany and abroad.
Alpine Caving News As the name says, concentrates on caving in the Alps. But despite the English name it is in German language, which is sufficient for D-A-CH cavers.
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Höhle & Karst Grabenstetten e.V. The guys from Grabenstetten are doing cool things, discovering kilometers of caves and huge chambers in the Schwäbische Alb (Swabian Jura) which is famous for small and narrow caves. Unfortunately the blog is closed at the moment because of spam attacks. German language.
speleonet An English blog which seems to me from the NSS or an NSS member. Concentrates on American caving.
Profundezas... A Portuguese blog about caving.
Espeleobuceo en Burgos A cave diving blog locaten at Burgos in Spain, in Spanish.
Neslužbene stranice Hrvatskog planinarskog kluba "Dalmacija" Blog about caving in Dalmatioa in Croatian.
Napoli Underground :: speleologia urbana (urban speleology) (News) Blog about the artificial underground structures of Naples, in Italian.
WV Speleo Log English language blog about cavers and caving in and around Northern West Virginia.
Quiet Diver Blog about cave diving in Mexico. Motto: Slow down and dive a little.
Karst Worlds Blog of Belgian caving club Avalon, opened in 2010.

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