Show Caves

International Show Caves Association A rather controversial initiative to promote the economic development of show caves by supplying the experiences and solutions of research and management activities to all its members. Has expensive membership fees and only verly little results as far as we know. A result is, that only about 1% of all show caves are member by now. Nevertheless a nice list of some show caves worldwide.
Cavidades Turísticas This is the website of the Federación espeleológica de América Latina y del Caribe (F.E.A.L.C.). This organization ranges between the UIS, the international union of speleology and the national unions. It covers the Central and South American caving organizations. It also has a Comisión de Cavidades Turísticas (show cave comission) which lists many of the show caves of the area on this website.
UIS Proposal for the Protection of Show Caves The UIS, the international speleologic society also had a show caves commission, which unfortunately is now defunct. This is a fine attempt but more or less dead.
Australasian Cave and Karst Management Association (Inc) - Home Page Not a show cave organization, but a nature protection association and thus of great influence for all show caves and other uses of caves and karst.
Cuevas TURISTICAS - Show Caves - Grottes aménagées A fine collection of show caves links. Manitained by the members of a Spanish caving club and thus the links for Spain are very good.
Show Caves of the World This is a collection of show caves of the world. Very big list, although there is not much info on site. The site lists most show caves and provides links for many of them.

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