General Information

In this section you will find some background information about caving and speleology.
 Speleology is the scientific study of caves.
 Speleothems are secondary mineral deposits formed in caves.
 The Karst Geology, geologic explanations about important karst features.
 Cave Life, the flora and fauna of caves.
 Famous People in geology and speleology.
 Caving Gear, the equiment for speleologists.
 Terminology. Explanations for some caver terms, glossaries.
 Geological Information. Some background info on geology.
 Historic Caves or Cave Stories. Legends with caves and caves with legends.
 Archaeology. Caves are important archaeological sites.
 Mines. Some background on mining.
 Subterranea. Artificial underground places.
 Statistics. Lists of longest, deepest, widest and whatever, just statistics of caves.
 Miscellaneous. All the rest: Submit Form, Frequently Asked Questions, Search Form, Mailing List, Speleotherapy and some Statistics.

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