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The former Soviet Republic Georgia is today a UN Country. The population is 5.4 Mio. people, the area is 70,000km². Spoken languages are Georgian, Armenian, and Russian.

The historic situation made it difficult, if not impossible to visit this caves until the end of the cold war. But unfortunately a civil war between 1991 and 97 made it again impossible for foreigners to visit the country. And years after the war many areas are still lawless, and the potential of a military conflict between local rebel forces and government troops is always present. Also the kidnapping of foreigners is still a real threat. Various cave areas with extraordinary caves would otherwise make this country a favourite destination for international cavers.

The deepest cave of the world,  Voronya pestera, is located in the Western Caucasus in the Arabika massif and is explored by Ukrainian and Russian cavers. At the moment (OCT-2005) the explored depth is 2,140m. Please be aware, that it is not open to the public and it is located in a dangerous border region.

At the moment we do not know much about tourist caves in Georgia, but we listed two of them.

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