Špilja Lokvarka

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Location: 2km east of Lokve in the Gorski Kotar. 400m west of the crossing of the roads Zagreb-Rijeka and Lokve-Lokve Railroad station.
Open: 15-JUN to SEP daily 9-17, tour every hour.
Fee: Adults HRK 40, Children (4-18) HRK 25, Children (0-3) not allowed, Students HRK 25, Seniors HRK 25, Family (2+2) HRK 60.
Groups (10+): Adults HRK 35, Children (4-18) HRK 20, Students HRK 20, Seniors HRK 20.
Classification:  Karst cave
Light: electric
Dimension: L=1,179m, VR=277m, T=6.5-8°C, A=780m asl.
Guided tours: L=900m, VR=140m, D=60min.
Address: Turistička agencija "Lokve", Andrea Gašparac-Zorc, Šetalište Golubinjak 50, 51316 Lokve, Tel: +385-51-831-27, Fax: +385-51-831-27, Cell: +385-91-507415.
Turistička zajednica Lokve, Rudolfa Strohala 118, 51316 Lokve, Tel: +385-51-831-250, Fax: +385-51-831-250.
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1935electric light, opened to the public.
1961declared a natural monument by the Zavod za zaštitu prirode (Department for Nature Protection), Zagreb.
2006closed for renovation.


The Špilja Lokvarka (Cave of Lokve) is located 2km east of the small village it is named after. The cave is mentioned for its abundance of speleothems and its size. The cave is listed among both the longest and deepest caves of Croatia. The tour includes three huge chambers and descends 140m, which makes it a little strenuous.

The cave was discovered in 1911 during quarry works. It was first explored by Josip Poljak and immediately opened to the public, with wooden stairs and no electric light. The development with concrete paths and electric light was made in 1935, renovations took place in 1961 and 1974. The cave was closed for three years for renovation and reopened in 2009.

Lokva is a small village located at an artificial lake, which made the place a popular tourist destination and the cave also well visited.

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