Ireland by Region

Ireland is a small country, divided into Northern Ireeland, which politically belongs to the United Kingdom, and Southern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland. Another way to divide the island are the 26 counties of Ireland and 5 counties fo Northern Ireland. For statistical reasons they are grouped into eight regions. Historical Ireland was divided into four provinces, cúige, which were Leinster, Munster, Connacht, and Ulster.

Unfortunately those political stuctures are not very usefull for our website, as they are either to coarse or too fine grained. So we decided to group the listed locations by their geological background. As the geological situation is rather complicated and this is overview is very brief, there may be some minor inconsistencies.

 Northern Ireland  Bruce's Cave |  Giant's Causeway |  Cave Hill |  Loughareema |  Oweynagolman Cave
 Sligo/Fermanagh Karst Area:  Marble Arch Caves |  Caves of Keshcorran |  White Fathers Cave
 The Burren, Co. Clare:  Aillwee Cave |  Doolin Cave
 Cork Karst Region:  Dunmore Cave |  Mitchelstown Cave
 County Kerry:  Crag Cave
 unsorted:  Arigna Mining Experience |  Curraghmore House |  Glengowla Mines |  Liss Ard |  Newgrange

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