Paengnyong Cave

White Dragon Cave

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Classification:  Karst cave.
Dimension: L=1,500m.
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Address: Paengnyong (White Dragon) Cave, Maha-Ri Mitan-Myon Pyeongchang County, Kangwon-Do
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APR-1976accidentally found by Mr. Chong Moo-ryong.
designated Natural Monument No.260.


Paengnyong Cave (White Dragon Cave) is a rather recent discovery, found accidentally by Mr. Chong Moo-ryong in 1976. The horizontal cave has three passages. The first one is 800m long and its main chamber is famous for extraordinary curtains and other speleothems. Passage two is 400m and the most extraordinary sight is probably the thighbone of a cow which is incrusted inside a stalagmite. It is believed to be over 30,000 years old. The main sight of the third passage is a waterfall.

Beneath bats and other cave animals, there are otters living in the cave.

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