Yongyeon Cave

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Location: Geumdaebong, the center of the mountain range from Baekdu Mountain to Jiri Mountain.
Classification:  Karst cave. Ordovician and early Paleozoic limestones.
Dimension: A=920m asl. L=843m. T=9.1 to 11.9°C
Guided tours:  
Address: Yongyeon Cave, Hwajeon-dong, Taebaek-si, Gangwon-do.
Yongyeon Cave Control Office, Tel: +82-33-550-2727.
Tourism and Culture Bureau of Taebaek-si, Tel: +82-33-550-2081.
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1592oldest gaffitti in the cave from people hiding from Japanese invasion.
26-FEB-1980designated Local Monument No. 39 in Gangwon-do.
23-SEP-1994cave developed.
AUG-1995cave surveyed.


Yongyeon Cave (also Yongcheon Cave) is known for many centuries. There are historic graffities and many damages to the speleothems. Today the cave is developed as a show caves and protected.

The tour shows four chambers of the cave, the first is the biggest one and 130m long and 50m high.

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