Manjushree Gufa

Manjushree Cave

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Location: Chobhar gorge, Kritipur municipality, southern part of Kathmandu Valley.
Fee: Long tour: Adults USD 10.
Short tour: Adults USD 5.
Classification:  Karst cave.
Light: electric.
Dimension: L=1,250m
Guided tours: L=350m.
Address: Manjushree Gufa, Tel: +977-, Fax: +977-,
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30-JAN-2007cave opened to the public.


The Manjushree Gufa (Manjushree Cave) is maintained by the Jal Binayak Community Forest Users' Group. The cave system has three entrances, called Manjushree Gufa, Bagh Gufa and Naya Gufa. Tours are offered through any of the three entrances, and there are altogether five different tours. The tours are said to be show cave tours, but much of the cave requires stooping and crawling, so you should expect a really rough show cave.

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