Closed Sites

There are sites which are listed on and if they are closed for visits we mark the page and the links to the page. For sites which are already closed when we hear about them we do not create a page. In most cases there is not enough literature available, but actually it does not make sense to list sites which are inaccessible. So we add the site on this list with a comment why they are closed, if available. The idea is, to provide some background for people finding outdated info on closed sites in guidebooks or on the web.

Name Location Coordinates Comment
Knappenlöcher Fieberbrunn 47.490600, 12.529100 A series of old mine tunnels, former copper mines, were renovated and opened to the public, but unfortunately the visits are discontinued. The site is listed on various lists including Wikipedia, but is not accessible any more. The coordinates are also wrong, they are in the middle of the road, close to the train station, but the tunnels are as far as we know on the hill above.