Cueva Clara de Enpalme

Cueva Clara - Cueva de Empalme - Cueva de Camuy

Useful Information

Location: Parque Las Cavernas del Rio Camuy, Carr. 129, km. 18.9, Camuy. Northwestern Puerto Rico, 2 hours west of San Juan, near Lares, on Route 129. Signposted
Open: All year Wed-Sun, Hol 8-17. Last tour 15:50 or after daily capacity of 1,500 visitors is reached! [2009]
Fee: Adults USD 12, Children (2-12) USD 7, Seniors (65-74) USD 5, Seniors (75+) free.
Parking USD 3/4.
Classification: ExplainKarst cave ExplainRiver cave
Light: electric.
Dimension: L=1,000m
Guided tours: D=90min.
Address: Parque Las Cavernas del Rio Camuy, Administración de Terrenos, PO Box 3767, San Juan, Tel: +677-787-898-3100, Tel: +677-787-898-3136.
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JAN-2008 a visitor died from falling rock, Clara Cave closed to the public.
JAN-2009 Clara Cave reopened.


Cueva Clara de Enpalme or often simply called Cueva Clara is the main show cave at the Parque Las Cavernas del Rio Camuy. Actually it is not an independent cave, but a single chamber of this cave system, which is developed for the public. This is the only regular cave tour at the site which is also called Cueva Clara. There are other tours like self guided walks to the sinkholes. The so-called Spanish Tour also uses this part of the cave.

The tour starts with a short movie about the cave and cave security, followed by a tram ride into the entrance of the cave. The huge chamber is 210m in length and 65m high.

The cave tour was closed for more than a year during 2008, because of an accident. A rockfall from the face of the cliff above the huge portal hit a visitor and killed her. As a result the cave was closed immediately and then the cliff face was secured. As this is the main tour, the only attractions which remained where the sinkholes. This caused annoyance among visitors, as there was no possibility to visit a cave. However, the cliff is secure now and the cave is reopened.