Muzeum brněnského podzemí

Museum of Brno Underground

Useful Information

Location: Brno city center. (49° 11' 35.94" N, 16° 36' 36.82" E)
Open: Cabbage market cellars: Open on all mayor city festivities and other special occasions. No regular open hours.
Fee: yes.
Classification: SubterraneaCellar
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:  
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Address: Muzeum brněnského podzemí, Orlí 3, 60200 Brno.
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The new Muzeum brněnského podzemí (Museum of Brno Underground) is located at the historic fish market. It is dedicated to the numerous historic cellars existing under the city. The cellars are actually not connected, so they do not form a labyrinth like in other cities. Nevertheless, the number and size is astonishing.

The most interesting system of cellars which is open to the public is located below Zelný trh (Cabbage Market). The oldest parts of the cellars are of Gothic age, most other of Baroque. Many cellars were used for a long time and abanoden only in the mid 20th century. Some are used until today. The cellars reach a depth of 13 m below surface.