Cuatro Puertas

Four Doors

Useful Information

cuatro puertas means four doors.
Location: Near Telde, south of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Canarias.
Open: During daylight.
Fee: none.
Classification: volcanic rock, mainly artificial.
Light: none.
Guided tours: none.
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the almogren, a place were priest celebrated rituals.

The mountain of Cuatro Puertas was a sacred place for the Guanche people, the native inhabitants of Gran Canaria. On its top is an almogren, a place were priest celebrated rituals and did offerings to attract the favours of the gods. The cave Cuatro Puertas has its name from the characteristic four cave entraces. It consists only of a single large room. The vast esplanade in front of the cave could have been the place where the attendants to the celebrations met. The view from this place is rather impressive.

vast esplanade in front of the cave.

On the southern side of the mountain, is a group of artificial caves, that could have been the dwellings of the people of this area. In the last centuries they were used as sheep stable.

According to the transcript of the conquest of the island, there were several holy places of the Canarian people. The three most important were Tirma, Amagro, and Umiaga. On top of this mountains were a sanctuary and people that were persecuted for a crime could find refugen at this places.

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