Škarin Samograd

Useful Information

Location: Near Drnis. A little way inland from Sibenik near the rural village of Skar.
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: bring torch
Guided tours:
Bibliography: Johannes Müller (1988): Škarin Samograd - Eine frühneolithische Station mit monochromer Ware und Impresso-Keramik an der Ostadria, Archäologisches Korrespondenzblatt 18, 1988, 219ff. Bamaberg (Deutsch - German) Worldonline abstract
Address: Skarin Samograd, Zrinsko, Frankopanska 25, 21000 Split, Tel: +385-21-318-721, +385-21-318-762, +385-21-318-720, Fax: +385-21-318-714. E-mail: contact
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1950s excavated.


Škarin Samograd is an important archaeological location. Here remains starting from Early Neolithic up to the 3rd century BC were found. The findings are on display in the Prehistoric Collection of the Arheoloski muzej Split (Split Archeological Museum).

The entrance of the cave is located at the bottom of a sinkhole, hidden behind lush vegetation. Some cave is lighted by daylight through the entrance, but torches are much recommended as trenches from the excavations on the floor are dangerous traps.

The cave is home to some 1,600 bats. Five species have been recorded, Myotis myotis, Myotis schreibersii, Miniopterus, R. ferrumequinum, and Myotis oxygnathus. The high amount of bat guano gives the cave the typical scent of ammonia. Once this guano was mined by the locals.