Niasar Cave - Talar Cave - Surakh Reis

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Location: In Niasar, 28 km west of Kashan. From Tehran follow road to Kashan, turn west on asphalted road to Niasar-Mashhad Ardehal junction, 8 more km to Niasar. Located in gardens north of Niasar village.
Classification: SubterraneaMithras Grotto
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
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1980 entrance and parts of the cave destroyed in an earthquake.


Niasar is a temple belonging to followers of Mitra, a god of ancient Persia. It dates back to the early Partian era. The inhabitants of Niasar call the cave Talar Cave or Surakh Reis.

On chamber of the temple is a natural cave, all other chambers are man made. The main entrance of the cave opens in gardens in the upper part of Niasar. The only natural chamber is located near the entrance. Unfortunately the entrance opening and parts of the cave were destroyed in the 1980 earthquake.

The cave is an important archaeological site. Earthenware objects date to the Sassanid era and to the Partian period. Much younger are the Islamic era pottery works around the cave entrances. Some years ago four burials were discovered, probably from the Ice Age (more than 10,000 years BP).