Cenote Samulá

Useful Information

Location: 6 km southwest of Valladolid, 40 km east of Chichén Itzá. From Valladolid follow Hwy 180 towards Chichén Itzá and Mérida. Turn left at sign to Dzitnup.
Open: All year daily 8-17.
Fee: Adults MXN 10.
Classification: KarstCenote
Guided tours:
Address: Cenote Samulá.
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Cenote Samula is actually a huge cavern with a small hole in the 20 m high ceiling and a lake right below. Around noon, when the sun is shining in almost perpendicular, the cave and the cave lake are brightly lit, the water glows in a phantastic blue. This site is newly developed and a wall has been built around the hole into the cave. Actually they were concerned foreign tourists could accidentially fall in. Unique are the roots of a huge alamo tree stretching down into the pool.