Ali Barbour's Cave

Ali Barbour's Cave Restaurant

Useful Information

Location: 30 km south of Mombasa and 200 m back from the high water mark
Open: All year daily.
Fee: free.
Classification: SpeleologyTufa cave SubterraneaCave Restaurant
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:  
Address: Ali Barbour's Cave, P.O. Box 53, Ukunda 80400, Kenya, Tel: +254-40-3202033, Fax: +254-40-3202223. E-mail: contact
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Ali Barbour's Cave is located at the Kenyan coast, only 200 m from the shorefront and about 30 km south of the city Mombasa. A resort called Flamboyant located at the beach, with a beach bar called "Forty Thieves"? Sounds like a tourist trap. But actually there is more behind it. There is a natural cave, and the restaurant inside the cave is called Ali Barbour. I think we got the hint, what we first did not understand: is the misspelling a joke, just for fun, or actually a misspelling? The solution is simple: the resort is privately owned by Tracy Barbour.

It seems there is a cave which is said to be between 120,000 and 180,000 years old. A series of chambers connected by passage is found on a level about 10 m below the ground. Many of the chambers have openings to the surface. The restaurant was built by simply paving the floor and putting furniture in. So dining here is rather exceptional, sitting inside a warm cave while the stars can be seen above.

The cuisine of Ali Barbour's Cave is international, specialized in seafood.