Caverna La Gran Galería

Grand Gallery Cave - Boca de la Caverna Gran Galeria

Useful Information

Location: Located on the soutwest flank of the Fila de Cal. Ciudad Neily district, Corredores county, Puntarenas province. East of San Rafael Sur, 45m north of the road to Bajo de Indios.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave. Tertiary limestones of the Fila de Cal Formation, 60 to 70 Ma old.
Dimension: L=148m, VR=26m, A=240m asl.
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1989 first explored by Gordon McCracken and Carlos Goicoechea.
1990 surveyed and first class Grade 5 map made by the NSS.
1991 used as location for a French movie.


The entrance of Caverna La Gran Galería is located at the bottom of a 100m long and 70m wide doline. The portal is 33m wide and 15m high, with three access points to the cave passage. The main passage runs for 35m to the west, then 50m to the south.

The cave entrance was locally known, but the cave was first explored by Gordon McCracken and Carlos Goicoechea in 1989. One year later a team of cavers from the United States surveyed the cave and drew a Grade 5 map. At this time the farm were the cave is located was owned by Jorge Vidal, called Chiricano. He sold the farm to a man named Alvin, who started to prepare it as a show cave.