Shpella e Pëllumbasit

Cave of Pëllumbas - Black Cave

Useful Information

Location: Near the town of Pëllumbas, 27 km south-east of Tirana. From Tirana follow the road to Elbasan (Rruga Elbasanit) through Mullet, Petrela, Bërzhitë to Itë. At Iteë turn left at the Teater sign, after some 5 km turn left at the sign Pëllumbas.
Open: No restrictions.
Fee: Adults LEK 100.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: bring torch
Dimension: L=360 m, A=650 m asl.
Guided tours:
Address: Outdoor Albania Association, Ilir Hysa and Celeste Goncalves, Rruga Elbasanit 85, Tirana, Albania, Tel: +355-683133451, Tel: +355-693295229. E-mail: contact
Behar Duqi, local guide, Cell: +355-6974632697.
Komuna Berzhite, Genci Drita, +355-682009089.
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Shpella e Pëllumbasit (Cave of Pëllumbas) is named after the town Pëllumbas, from where it can be reached in an one hour hike. It is also called Shpella e Zezë (Black Cave). The path to the cave winds through the Gorge of Skorana, which was formed by Erzeni river.

The cave has a huge entrance portal in the cliff face of the gorge. From here a huge passage 10 to 15 m wide and 15 to 45 m high lead almost straight into he mountain. It ends with a huge chamber called Sallë e Ari (Chamber of Bears). It was named so because of numerous cave bears (Ursus spelaeus) which were discovered here. The cave was surveyed by the Italian Gruppo Speleologico Faentino. The bear bones were examined by the Museum of Natural Sciences of the Florence University. The cave contained also human remains which originate from the Middle Palaeolithic era. The remains were excavated by Prof Dr. Myzafer Korkutit from the Tirana Archaeological Institute.

The cave was lately developed for tourists with a new trail from Pëllumbasit to the cave entrance. It is possible to hike to the cave in a pleasant one hour walk. The landscape of the gorge is rather impressive. In summer the temperature becomes rather hot so it is advisable to start early in the morning. The trail is marked so it is possible to visit the cave on your own. We recommend to take a guided tour with local guide Behar Duqi, who also provides a helmet and a headlamp for the cave. Day trips from Tirana to the cave including transport are organized by the Outdoor Albania Association.