Skull Cave

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Location: Near Bilubilu, East Cape, Milne Bay, Alotau. Most south-eastern tip of PNG, 300 km east of Port Moresby.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: none
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The Skull Cave contains skulls of native inhabitants, supposedly from pre missionary times. They were used as burial cave for importants people. The traditional burial ritual included people beeing buried upright with a clay pot put over the head. When the heads separated from the body, the pot was removed and the skull was taken to the cave. This was intended as a gesture of respect.

This ritual was rather common and so many skull caves exist on Papua New Guinea. So Skull Cave is not a proper name of the cave, but just a description of its use.

The cave is located near East Cape, the most eastern point of the Papua New Guinea mainland. Here at the village Bilubilu are beautiful beaches, pristine water and reefs full of live. An ideal location for any kind of water sports.

The ecotourism daytrip of Milne Bay Tourism to this place includes the cave visit only as an opion. The cave tour requires a medium level of fitness for the short hike. Swimwear and walking shoes are recommended.