Пештера Шаркова Дупка

Sharkova Dupka Cave

Useful Information

Location: Mavrovo village.
(41.651208, 20.734160)
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: LightLED Lighting
Dimension: T=5 °C.
Biggest Room: L=25 m, W=18 m, H=12 m.
Guided tours: D=30 min.
Address: Пештера Шаркова Дупка.
Tourist Information Center NP Mavrovo, Tel: +389-42-489-425.
Mavrovo 365, Tel: +389-72-210-777.
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DEC-2021 cave officially opened to the public.


Пештера Шаркова Дупка (Sharkova Dupka Cave) was discovered by the people of the village Mavrovo more than 30 years ago. But it was a pothole, and so they feared and accident and dit not enter the cave. Finally, a guy named "Sharko", who lived near the cave, cut down some trees, lowered them into the hole and, with the help of ropes and neighbors, managed to get inside the cave. As a result the cave was named after him Sharkova Dupka.

The cave was developed as a show cave with funds of the National Park "Mavrovo". The project was supported by the speleologists of the Speleological Federation of Macedonia. They explored the cave and mady a scientific study on the problems with such a show cave. They also train the guides and offer knowledge to the people working at the cave.

The cave is located right above the village Mavrovo, which sits at the end of the valle and is known for its skiing area. Behind the last house a narrow trail winds uphill to a small hut which contains the ticket office, about 10 minutes walk. The view across the valley is great. Then the abyss of the cave is entered. A long iron spiral staircase leads down to the floor of the abyss, where the main hall offers a wealth of speleothems. It is 25 m longm 18 m wide and 12 m high.