Manastir Sv. Vasilije Ostroški

Ostrog Monastery

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Location: Between the cities Danilovgrad and Nikšic.
Classification: ExplainCave Church
Light: electric.
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17th cty monastry built.
1923-1926 renovated.


Manastir Sv. Vasilije Ostroški (Ostrog Monastery) is built into the wide opening of a cave in the cliff of Oastroska Greda. It is named after its founder Basil, the Metropolitan Bishop of Herzegovina. He was later glorified as Sv. Vasilije Ostroški (Saint Basil of Ostrog).

The monastery has two parts, the lower one is the main monastery with a small cave church, the Church of the Presentation. It has frescoes from the end of the 17th century. The upper church is bigger a fills a cave entrance completely. It was painted by master Radul, who used the natural shapes of the cave and laid the frescoes immediately on the surface of the rock and the south wall.