Maribel New Hope Cave

Cherney Maribel Caves Park

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Location: Cherney Maribel Caves Park, County Highway R, near Maribel. I-43 onto State Highway 147 east, after 500m turn left on County Highway R, 1km to the park entrance.
Open: Park: All year daily 8-20.
Maribel New Hope Cave: Sat, Sun after appointment.
Classification: ExplainKarst cave
Light: electric
Guided tours:  
Address: Maribel New Hope Cave, Cherney Maribel Caves Park, E-mail: contact
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1984 Maribel New Hope Cave discovered.


Maribel New Hope Cave was discovered in winter 1984. It was a narrow crawl, but the much bigger cave was almost completely filled in by glacial sediments. In the following years cavers worked on reopening the cave by removing the cave sediments, and at the moment the cave is high enough to walk into and about 50m long. Although this is not much, there are several hundred meters of cave waiting for excavation. This has been determined by using a geophysical method which measures the electric conductivity between poles in the ground. Rock is a rather bad conductor, water is better, but air is a good insulator. As a result there are now measurements which are interpreted as caves passages. This method is not very exact, and so there is much space for speculation, but the cavers working at the cave hope to find open passages.

This cave is filled by sediments similar to many others in the area. This is a result of the climatic history of the area. The caves were formed during warmer periods between the last glacials (Ice Ages) when the ice was melting and the huge amounts of water resulted in rapid cave formation. However, during the next cold period the ice returned and brought sedments like sand, gravel and even huge rocks with it. This material was forced into the cave openings by the continuous movement of the ice and sealed much of the caves, but at least most of the entrance sections.

This is not really a show acve, but it is equipped with paths and light, as a result of the excavation works. And while the cavers are working at the cave on weekends, the cave may be visited by the public.