American Cave Museum

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Location: Horse Cave, I-65 Exit 58, 3.2 km.
Open: All year daily 9-17, Memorial Day to Labor Day weekends 9-19.
Fee: Adult $6.
Classification: SubterraneaCave and Karst Museum SubterraneaCave Replica
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Address: The American Cave Conservation Association, 119 E Main St, P.O. Box 409, Horse Cave, KY 42749, Tel. +1-502-786-1466
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The American Cave Museum offers exhibits on the cultural and natural resources associated with caves.

The Museum exhibits include:

The American Cave Museum is continually working on the renovation of the museum and the cave. The necessary work was collected in a 10 years plan which would cost two-million dollar. At the moment [2009] the work is almost completed, but $150,000 are still missing. Unfortunately the recession is felt at this popular tourist attraction. The employes had pay cuts, do not turn in all their hours, and try to optimize their work.