Động Vân Trình

Van Trinh Cave - Giang Tien

Useful Information

Location: 30 minutes from Kenh Ga by boat. Mo Mountain, Thuong Hoa Commune, Nho Quan District.
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Address: Van Trinh.
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Van Trinh is famous for its main hall, which has a floor size of some 3,500 m², and thus is about the same size as the famous ShowcaveDong Thien Cung in Ha Long Bay. There is a legend abut a fairy connected with this cave.

Once a young fairy discovered the cave and found it so marvelous, she chose it as her living quarters. The cave lake is called the fairy's swimming pool and is always filled with clear water.

The fairy was very friendly and helped the local people to feed their children. So the people were building a temple in her honour at the foot of Mo Mountain. When poor people sought the fairy's help by leaving a piece of cloth in the temple as an offering, the cloth had been replaced with a baby's jacket when they returned. But this was not simply a gift, it also had magic powers and helped the child grow quickly.

Old legend.