Die hochstgelegenen Höhlen der Welt

As we mentioned before, it a bit tricky with world records in speleology. So this is a list of high caves, which means caves with a high entrance, not caves with a big distance between highest and lowest point. Those are called deep caves.

Elevation Name Location Length Vertical Range Description
6,765m asl (?) unnamed (?) Pakistan this is a mystery cave, so far we were not able to verify this info by a speleological publication
6,645m asl Cave of Rakiot Peak On Rakiot Peak (7070m), near Nanga Parbat, Kashmere, India 75m (estimated) supposedly the worlds highest cave was discovered in 1963 by climbers.
4,930m asl Qaqa Mach'ay Peru 125m claimed to be the highest surveyed cave (2004 multinational Andes expedition)
4,800m asl Cueva de Saco Peru
4,600m asl Rangkul'skaja (Syjkyrduu) Pamir, Tajikistan
4,585m asl Cueva Puyo Peru 48m
4,570m asl Tragadero Puyo Peru 107m
4,500m asl Cueva de Sanson Machay Peru
4,500m asl Cueva de Pachacayo Peru
4,400m asl Cueva de Laurichoca Peru
4,375m asl Sima Pumacocha Peru
4,000m asl Cueva de Taypunta Peru
3,992m asl Sima de Milpu Peru 407m
3,750m asl Ulugh Beg Uzbekistan
3,720m asl Cueva de Chirimachay Peru
3,100m asl Ghar Parau Iran 751m
3,050m asl Aven de la Cascade du Marboré France
3,010m asl Grotte de la Mortice France
2,680m asl Grotte du Mont-Cenis Alps, France
2,560m asl Rotloch Switzerland
2,525m asl Abisso Gaché Alps, Italy
2,427m asl Drachenloch Switzerland
2,426m asl Triglav Pothole Slovenia
2,093m asl Gouffre SC (upper entrance of the Pierre-St-Martin) Spain

Unfortunately we do not have very much info on most of these caves. Several caves have never been visited by cavers and there are no surveys and no publications. So it is rather difficult to make a good list.