Vietnam by Province

 Bac Kan Province:  Dong Puong
 Cao Bang Province:  Nguom Ngao Cave |  Pac Bo Cave
 Ha Tay Province:  Dong Huong Tich
 Ho Chi Minh City:  Củ Chi Tunnels
 Kien Giang Province:  Da Dung Mountain Caves |  Mo So Cave
 Lai Chau:  Pu Sam Cap Grottoes
 Lang Son Province:  Chua Tien |  Nhi Thanh Cave |  Tham Thanh Cave
 Ninh Binh Province:  Dich Long Cave and Pagoda |  Tam Coc |  Hung Trang An |  Van Trinh
 Quang Binh Province:  Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park:  Hang Son Doong |  Phong Nha Cave |  Thien Duong |  Dong Tien Son
 Quang Nam Province:  Bong Mieu Gold Mine
 Quang Ninh Province:  Bo Nau Cave |  Hang Dau Go |  Hospital Cave |  Hang Sung Sôt |  Động Tam Cung |  Hang Thien Cung |  Hang Trong
 Son La Province:  Chi Day Caves |
 Thanh Hoa Province:  Con Moong Cave |  Hang Ma

Vietnam has 59 tinh or provinces. We list only those with subterranen sites listed.

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