Terms of Use

The website showcaves.com is a private website maintained and operated by Jochen Duckeck.

Jochen Duckeck, Archivstr. 11, 90408 Nürnberg, Germany. E-mail: contact.

He is also the contact for all requests concerning § 55 Abs. 2 RStV, § 5 TMG or inquiries related to the GDPR.

  1. Privacy Policy:
    1. Accordung to the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) companies and private website owners are required to do various things to protect personal data of visitors. However, the law does not apply to showcaves.com because we do not store any kind of personal data.
    2. showcaves.com is not a company, it is the private website of Jochen Duckeck and there is no flow of money connected with the website.
    3. showcaves.com does not have any online form, no data can be submitted, there is no contact form and no comment feature. If you want to tell us something you may use an email.
    4. showcaves.com does not store any kind of personal data.
    5. showcaves.com does not use cookies.
    6. showcaves.com does not use any kind of plugins (like social sites, statisctics, or advertising) which would allow third persons to track our visitors.
    7. Our webserver does not log your requests.
    8. We are listing institutions, not private persons, so addresses given by the respective operator are not personal data. We consider them the contact data of organizations, even if someone uses his private phone number or address. As soon as he publishes them they become official contact data. If by any way personal data is listed accidentally, we will delete it immediately after we are informed. Please send an email to: contact
    9. All Email addresses published on showcaves.com are protected by JavaScript which makes them invisible for spammers. As far as we know this protection has not be breached so far, although this could be possible.
    10. Handling of personal data, which is sent by email:
      1. Emails sent to the ','showcave','com')" src="../../../xemhid.php?p1=class="typewriter">&p2=showcave&p3=com" class="email" alt="contact"> addresses are personal emails sent to Jochen Duckeck. It will be stored on various computers, backed up, and generally handled the same way any other email is handled.
      2. All information sent by email will be held confidential, as long as publication is not explicitly requested.
      3. All information sent by email will be used to improve the website, in general after further research.
      4. If necessary, information sent by email will be shared with others working on the website.
      5. We assume that this is the intention of the sender. By sending an email to the contact address the sender accepts those rules.
  2. Copyright:
    1. All photos, images and texts on this site are copyrighted. You must not use them without explicit permission of the copyright owner.
    2. Unless otherwise stated the © of these pages lies by Jochen Duckeck. Opinions expressed on showcaves.com are those of the author.
    3. The "maps" on this site are just sketches for orientation, not maps in a geographic sense. Unless otherwise stated they are drawn by Jochen Duckeck. The information to draw them was collected from numerous sources, but primarly they are based on the maps of the WorldPerry-Castañeda Library Map Collection of the University of Texas at Austin, which are in the public domain. showcaves.com wants to thank them for this useful source of information.
    4. All photos, images and texts on this site are intended for personal use. You may download them, print them, give a copy to friends or family. But you must not use them in any kind of publication, especially web sites or printed matters, without prior permission. A specimen copy and naming of the copyright owner are obligational.
    5. Fair Use:
      We believe in fair use, and the freedom to cite other texts and images. But this requires some care and fairplay. We made up some rules, how we understand fair use:
      • Fair use is only possible with non-commercial parters. However, non-commercial does not mean private. Selling some books or CD-ROMs might be okay, depending on the intentions and the income. Commercial are of course big online shops, companies and persons earning their living partly or full with their website or other publications, where they intend to use the material from showcaves.com.
      • Naming the copyright owner is required.
      • Adding a link to showcaves.com is required.
      • For printed publications and CD-ROMs a specimen copy is required.
      • Fair use is bi-directional. By using material from showcaves.com, you allow Jochen Duckeck to use material from your site/publication under the same regulations.
      • At the moment fair use is only possible with material by Jochen Duckeck. All images and texts on showcaves.com with an other author or copyright owner are not available for this exchange.
      • It is necessary to inform contact that you used some of the material after you made your page, so we can check the page if above rules apply. A message before you made your page is nice but not necessary.
    6. If you want to use material from this site, but can not live with this rules, please contact contact for alternatives. If you use material from showcaves.com without noticing we assume you accept this terms.
    7. Several contents on showcaves.com are copyrighted by third parties. As showcaves.com is not the copyright owner, showcaves.com has no right to allow you the use of them. We can only make a contact if you ask.
    8. Commercial use only after prior notice! Naming of the copyright owner, link to showcaves.com, and a specimen copy are obligational. Depending on the used material and the kind of usage, a fee may be charged.
    9. Absolutly forbidden is, to link pictures directly from our site. Beneath the copyright infringement, this is also theft of bandwidth. We will not tolerate this and do anything to make it impossible.
    10. If you send texts and pictures by email: we can not use them unless you explicitly state that you are the copyright owner and that you allow us to use them on the website under the here defined terms.
    11. If copyrighted material is sent to us, we have no way to check if the sender is rightfully allowing us the publication. We can not even tell if he is who he says to be, as long as there is no way in the internet to securely identify people. But we do our best to make plausibility checks on any data provided this way.
  3. Accuracy:
    1. Although every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided is correct, showcaves.com can not guarantee its accuracy. Any use of the information provided here, is on your own risk. showcaves.com will not be liable for any damage that occurs in connection with your use of this service.
      Some info, like open hours and entrance fees are subject to change without notice. The information given on this pages may only be used as a clue.
    2. If you find any errors, please use send an email at contact. Such suggestions will be processed as soon as possible.
    3. This site is written by Jochen Duckeck. Despite the efforts to make them as neutral and unbiased as possible, they definitely represent the personal opinion of the author.
    4. There is no right for changes by owners, administrators or other involved persons. We are always happy about clues and first hand information and do our best to include them as soon as possible. But showcaves.com reserves the right to decide if and how they are included. Annoying demands or orders to change something will be ignored.
    5. showcaves.com will not be liable for delays in the addition of updates or changes. There is no assured response time.
  4. External Links:
    1. External links are all links leading to other web sites than showcaves.com. They are marked with a small earth symbol: World.
    2. showcaves.com has no possibility to ensure the content of pages that are not maintained by us. As links may not work in the future we can not guarantee that they work and we are not liable for broken links. And of course we can not guarantee the content of the pages, as this may be changed by the respective page owner.
    3. This site is linking only to related sites, about caves, mines, geology, and sometimes tourist sites.
    4. There is no guarantee for the inclusion of a link on showcaves.com, even if its content is related. The final decision on the inclusion of an external link is up to Jochen Duckeck.
    5. Please do not send unrelated links to showcaves.com, as the check costs a lot of time. showcaves.com is not interested in link exchange, as we are not interested in accidental visitors. Please refrain from sending such inquiries. Thank you!
  5. Environment Protection:
    1. A big request to all cave visitors: please be carefull with nature and try not to destroy or harm anything! Caves are extremely fragile and precious natural monuments and habitats.
    2. The content of showcaves.com is limited to tourist destinations. This means, they are rather easy and safe to visit, if you obey the given advices.
    3. In most countries of the world, caves are natural monuments and protected by law. It is normally forbidden to make camp fires or use open light, like torches or candles. It is not allowed to destroy or even touch speleothems.
    4. Any cave animal nearly everywhere on the world is protected! In most countries bats are protected, including the forbiddance to disturb them or even take pictures. Even if there is a gap in this protection, please do not take advantage of it.
    5. Some not accessible caves are included for their importance and as a warning. showcaves.com tries to explain why they are closed. Please accept, that it is not possible to visit them!