Naracoorte Caves

Naracoorte Caves are part of the 410 hectares Naracoorte National Park, where until now more than 60 limestone caves are known.

The Naracoorte Caves are home to Bent Wing Bats. A unique bat viewing facility has been installed in 1995, which allows to, see the bats via five infra-red cameras. In 2007 the cameras were upgraded to high definition cameras, similar to those used by David Attenborough in his Life on Earth TV series. They allow to capture single feet or facial features from 10 m away with absolute clarity.

There are five caves open to the public. Three are regular show caves with guided tours, one cave may be visited in a self guided tour, and one has no light and is visited with electric torches. Beneath the five show caves there are different cave trekking tours offered, called Adventure Caving and Wild Caving. The caves have 60,000 visitors per year [2000].

Additionally there is Wonambi Fossil Centre worth a visit. The static displays are colourful, interesting and professionally laid out. Those with reconstructed megafauna, complete with movement and animal noises, are just amazing.