White Cliffs

White Cliffs is a little town, but it is bigger than you first think. On the surface there is not much to see from the town. Most of the houses are cave houses doug out of the rock. Many people prefer to live underground in this area, to avoid the summer heat.

White Cliffs is one of several such towns in Australia, but it is also an eccentric place. There are for example wacky museums and a dirt golf course where you play at night with fluorescent balls. The town has a hotel, which - you guessed it - is located underground.

White Cliffs has the oldest commercially developed oilfield in Australia and a history of almost 100 years of opal mining. The result are some 50,000 craters around the town. The most unusual find, the nearly two meters long opalised remains of a plesiosaur discovered in 1976, are unfortunately not on display at the town, it was removed to Sydney.