Tenerife is the most humid and thus the greenest island of all Islas Canarias, which is a result of the highest mountain, El Teide, being over 3,000 m high. This is high enough to be a good barrier for the humid passate winds. Coming from the north, they are forced to climb to cross this mountain, cool down and start to rain. Especially the northern side of the island gets a lot of rain and has a subtropic vegetation. The southern side, in the shadow of the mountain, shows a typical coastal desert, which is ideal for tourism, with more than 360 rainless days every year.

One of the most famous caves of Tenerife is the Cueva de Bencomo in La Orotava, only 20 meters from the Humboldt Mirador. This cave was the residence of Mencey Bencomo, the Guanche ruler of Tenerife. In 1986 it was declared a cultural interest site. Currently the cave is in use as a goat pen and any content of archaeological interest is protected by a 40 cm thick layer of packed goat excrement. So unfortunately this cave is not open to the public at the moment.