Cave Fish

Cave Fish are fish living their whole life in caves. They feed on small amount of food which is washed into the cave with the water of a cave river. Typical for cave fish - like for all troglobionts - is the pale colour and the blind eyes. Sometimes they are even eyeless. Some species have tactile organs, that are sensitive to touch. They are arranged over the body, head, and tail and enable the fish to feel what it can't see.

Cave fish are found all over the world, there are

This list is definitely not complete. But it shows that there are many types of cave fish all over the world. On the other hand, a single species is often endemic, is only found in a single cave or small karst area. Also the number of fishes is very small as the cave provides not enough food for more animals. They are normally rather small, most species become up to 10 cm long. On the other hand they have no predators and live very long. They are able to live on very little food.

All this attributes are typical for troglobionts, not only for fish.