Nasty Bat Animations

The Horror of Batimation

The Nasty Bat Animation or how to get the CPU load to 100%.

It is very common on the net, to use images without checking the copyright. Not only images, sound, mp3 and videos, any kind of intellectual property is used without notice. But it is unbelievable how often this strange bat is stolen! Maybe not stolen, many sites owners are sure, this bat is in the public domain and therefore "free".

  1. They are funny when you see them the first time, but the more you see of them, the more you hate them....
  2. The animation kills your CPU power. And faster computers will only show them faster. Still the load is 100%, and your computer is dead. RIP

It is very interesting: you will find those bats not only on caving pages: biology and environmental pages, Gothic, horror and Halloween pages, even some TV stations use those batimations.