The Cave of the Yellow Dog

Long time ago, the beloved daughter of a rich family became sick, and no doctor was able to cure this sickness. The father decided to ask a wise old man for help. The old man said, "You have a yellow dog, which is very angry. Get rid of it!" The father asked, "Why should I get rid of the dog, who is a very good guard for us and for the herd?" The old man answered, "I told you what I had to say, and you got the answer you wanted."

The father thought about this strange advice, but was not able to kill the dog he loved so much. But as his daughter still was sick, he took the dog to a deep cave, where it would not be able to get out without help, and threw it in. He brought food to the cave every day, but one day the dog was gone.

Soon after he had thrown the dog into the cave, his daugter felt better and finally recovered health. But there was a secret reason for the illness of the daughter. She was love sick to a young man, and after the dog was gone, they were able to meet secretly.

Mongolian legend.