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Did you miss a beloved show cave, show mine or any other site? Is the information about the sight incomplete, wrong, missing, or do you know better? Please tell us what you know! We are really fond of any information, and we will do our best to add it ASAP. Tell us as much or as little as you want. Anything helps.

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If you want to discuss or help with the website, we are using Slack and Github for the management of the website. So if you want an offline version, just go to Github and download the full website. Open the index.html file from disk and enjoy! If you want to collaborate we will be happy to send you an invitation to the Slack workspace, so we can discuss anything related. If you feel fit to edit html we can talk about write access to the Github. This is quite dangerous so we will do it only if you are really interested and after some time in Slack.

Owners of show caves or show mines are welcome! Tell us if you are not listed and we will list you. Listing your cave or update the existing information is free. But keep one thing in mind: this is not free webspace for your enterprise! We will decide which information and how we will publish it. We will not advertise your company, will not add text links to push your search engine ranking or add your banners. In general we try to provide compact, exact and usefull information. If your location is not a rip-off, you might be surprised how much an independent review can help you.