George A. Maximovich


George A. Maximovich. Public Domain.

Георгий Алексеевич Максимович (George Alekseevich Maximovich) was academic geologist in Russia, one of Russia's top scientists. He was geologist, karst reseacher, Professor, Doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences and honary member of the Georaphical Society of the USSR. During his 55 years of scientific activity George A. Maximovich has published 544 scientific works, including several monographs, but is probably best remembered as the founder of the Soviet scientific school of geological karstology.

His wife Klara Andreevna Gorbunova (*1925-✝1996) was also a famous karst researcher. She has written 333 scientific works, including 8 monographs, but she is probably best remembered as the editor of Peshera [Caves] which has been published in Perm since 1961.


1904 born in Warsaw.
1926 graduated from Dnepropetrovsk Mining College.
1926-1934 worked as a geologist in Chechnya.
1934 founded the Chair of Dynamic Geology and Hydrogeology at Perm State University.
1944 defended his doctor's thesis.
1947 founded the first USSR periodical on karst and speleology, Speleological Bulletin.
1961 Speleological Bulletin renamed The Caves.
1964 founded in Perm the first USSR association of karst researchers and speleologists, the Institute of Karstology and Speleology.
1979 died.


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