Caves With The Longest Stalactite

We first thought there was no race to the moon in the stalactite class, but it is. So here are some of the longest stalactites of the world.

Length Cave Location Explanation
165.00m ShowcaveZhijin Cave Zhejiang province, China "With the tallest stalactite trumping other stalactites by more than 150 meters..." This is absolute nonsense but characteristic for web pages about Chinese caves: utter nonsense in poetic language. We thought it was a translation error but it seems to originate from some Chinese source. And nothing is too stupid to be repeated on a dozen other pages.
28.00m ShowcaveCaverna Janelão Brazil The longest free-hanging stalactite.
15.00m Cavea wild cave Polis Chrysochous region, Cyprus. A cave was found with stalactites and stalagmites, with the longest stalactite measuring 15 meters.
8.20m ShowcaveJeita Cavern Lebanon Once praised as the longest stalactite of the World, it is now not even mentioned any more. It is located in the White Chamber and 8.2 m long.
6.54m ShowcaveDoolin Cave Co. Clare, Ireland. Hosts the longest stalactite in the world according to old editions of the Guinness Book of World Records. Given length differs, depending on the source, between 11 m and 6.2 m. 6.54 m seems to be the real value. But their claim for the "longest stalactite in the Northern Hemisphere" is weird.
6.50m ShowcaveBallica Mağarası Turkey Ballica Magarasi contains 6.5 m long stalactite on its second level, which is one of the longest in Europe. There is no corresponding stalagmite under this stalactite.
6.40m ShowcaveKartchner Caverns State Park USA Soda straw stalactite measuring 0.6 cm wide and 6.4 m long, making it the third-longest stalactite in the world.
5.00m CaveOFD (Ogof Ffynnon Ddu) Wales, Great Britain Contains "the longest stalactite of mainland Britain", the Trident, which is about 5 m long. Am I the only one who thinks "mainland" is a strange term for Britain?