Yordas Cave

by Tony Oldham

This is another cave which was popular in the eighteenth century, and is described by J. Hutton in his book "A Tour to the Caves in the Environs of Ingleborough and Settle". (pdf) Its popularity has declined over the last few years, possibly due to the waterspout in 1817, which partially filled the entrance with mud and stones.

The entrance consists of a stone archway and steps, leading down into a magificent chamber 180 feet long, 50 feet wide and 80 feet high, adorned with stalactite formations. Upstream there is a smaller chamber called the Chapter House, containing a fine waterfall.

As guides and lights are now no longer provided, visitors should take a powerful electric torch with them, candles being insufficient to illuminate the large chamber. Wellington boots are also necessary, as the main chamber is quite muddy and has a stream running through it.

Text from: Tony and Anne Oldham (1972): Discovering Caves - A guide to the Show Caves of Britain. With kind permission by Tony Oldham.