Japanese for Cavers

I do not speak Japanese, so this are just a few words I learned recently.

Japanese Orthographic transcription English Explanation
洞窟 Dōkutsu cave substantive
Dong cave suffix in names
kutsu grotto part of names
穴蔵 Anagura cellar, hole in the ground, cave substantive
Ana hole, pit, mine, cavity, cave prefix or suffix
ほら穴 | 洞穴 Horaana grotto, cave
鍾乳洞 Shōnyūdō limestone cave, karst cave both suffix in names and substantive
風穴 fuketsu wind cave as a suffix
風穴 Kazaana wind cave substantive
胎内 tainai lava tree mold as part of a name
コウモリ | 蝙蝠 Kōmori bat substantive
氷穴 Hyōketsu ice cave substantive
ヘリクタイト Herikutaito helicite substantive
鉱山 Kōzan mine substantive
鉱業 kōgyō mining verb
選鉱 senkō mineral processing, concentration verb
マインロード Mainrōdo mine tunnel substantive
製錬 seiren smelting verb
クラゴー Kuragō Well substantive, Dialekt südliche Inseln
暗川 Ankawa Dark Rive substantive, Dialekt südliche Inseln