Somalia flag


Somalia is located at the Horn of Africa. The geology is more or less crystalline, with metamorphic rocks, granites and other insoluble rocks. As a result there is no karst, the only caves are shelters or abris in granite caused by tropical weathering. They were used by prehistoric man as shelter and for cave paintings.

The northern part of Somalia is named Somaliland. There seem to be different opinions. if Somaliland is a part of Somalia or actually an independent country. Internationally it is considered to be part of Somalia, it is not recognized as an independent country. Unfortunately the land has no karst, because it has no limestone. But there are numerous erosional and tectonic caves with interesting cave pantings. There are numerous archaeological sites and megalithic structures, with similar rock art found at Haadh, Gudmo Biyo Cas, Dhambalin, Dhagah Maroodi and numerous other sites. The sites are mostly undeveloped and as a result unprotected. In order to create sites of interest for tourists several sites were officially opened to the public, which actually means there are guided tours. However, this did not change the fact that there is actually no foreign tourism.