Southwestern Tagalog Region

Mimaropa or Southwestern Tagalog Region is an administrative region in the Philippines, which is frequently restructured since 2000. Until 2002 it was part of the now-defunct Southern Tagalog. 2005 Palawan and Puerto Princesa were moved to the region of Western Visayas. But in the same year this was reversed, and a review began, which took years. In 2010 the Philippine Census of Population included Palawan as part of the region, but the government still did not comment. In 2016 the Southwestern Tagalog Region to be known as the Mimaropa Region was formally established.

Today the region consists of a chain of islands from the northern tip of Island Borneo, which belongs to Malaysia, and the Pilippine main island Luzon. The biggest islands of the region are Mindoro and Palawan. The name Mimaropa is an acronym of the four main parts: Mindoro, Marinduque, Romblon and Palawan.