Romanian for Cavers

peşterá (f), caverna f cave, cavern
speolog (m) caver; speleologist
troglodit (m); locuitor (m) de caverná cave dweller; troglodyte
speologie (f) caving, speleology
ponorul (n), pârâul ponor; sinkhole (US); swallet (GB); water swallow
depresiune (f); prábuşire (f) (doliná (f) de prábuşire) depression; sinkhole
exsurgenţá (f); izbuc (n); izvor (n) carstic exsurgence; karstic spring (source unknown); resurgence (source known)
apá (f) subteraná ground water
stalagmitá (f) stalagmite
stalactitá (f) stalactite
liliac (m) bat

The Romanian version of the word speleology is one "le" shorter than usual. The reason is simple and somewhat funny. The founder of Romanian speology, Emil Racovita, introduced the new terms for this science into the Romanian language. As he primarily was interested in the biology of caves, the name biospeleology was his most used word and much too long, he thought. So he decided to call it biospeology, which definitely sounds better. Since then it is speology in Romanian!