Serbian for Cavers

Serbian is a language which is quite similar to Croatian and Slovenian, but nevertheless they are different languages, and even the karst-related terms differ. While Jama in Slovenian means cave, it means pothole, a vertical cave, in Serbian. Also, this language is written in cyrillic letters, although there is a latin transliteration with lots of funny marks at the letters. We do our best to use the latin transliteration, as this site is English and those letters are much easier readable. However, the right version is the cyrillic, and we try to give this version at least for all proper names.

Serbian English
пећина pećina cave
јама jama pit, pothole, shaft
крш krš karst
крашких феномена krški fenomeni karst phenomena, karst feature
спелеогенеза speleogeneza speleogenesis
спелеотхем speleothems speleothems
капљевина kapljevina dripstone
sige speleothems
сталагмит stalagmit stalagmite
сталактит stalaktit stalactite
stup, stalagmat pillar, stalagnate
speleološki objekt speleological object