Sweden - About the Country

Der Goeta-Canal in Schweden. Historic engraving from a German enzyclopedia named Meyers Universum, published by Carl Joseph Meyer. By nn in ca 1850, 15x10 cm.

Sweden is a Scandinavian country, this means a country of northern Europe. This area with the countries of Sweden, Norway and Finland is not really a good region for caves. Most of the rocks are crystalline rocks like granite and gneiss.

A large percentage of the caves are tectonic caves, the few karst caves in those countries are located in small areas of rather old, tectonically stressed and metamorphized limestone (aka marble). The caves are typically small and narrow. The temperature is, depending on the outside long term average temperatures, only slightly above 0 °C. Ice caves are common.

Sweden has numerous very special caves, e.g. the so called ExplainNeotectonic Caves ("Neotektoniska grottor"). They are are very special type of caves, related to Explaintectonic caves.