Nitra Region

Nitriansky kraj

The Nitriansky kraj is an agricultural region in the southwest of Slowakia and in the eastern part of the Danubian Lowland. The Danubian Flat in the south-west is for obvious reasons not karstified and has no cave or other underground sites. The Danubian Hills or Danubian Upland in the north, centre and east, are low rolling hills of prevalently eolic origin. The varied rocks - clay, gravel, and sands - are covered by loess, a Quaternary sediment, and very fertile black and brown soils. Again the geology is not suitable for underground structures. The underground is actually filled with groundwater and the region is famous for its rich subterranean reservoirs of water. As a result we have currently no sites listed for this region.

Nevertheless there are wineries and wine cellars, and we will list those open to the public.