Connecticut is a northeastern state of the United States, bordered on the south by Long Island Sound. On the west lies New York State, on the north Massachusetts, and on the east Rhode Island. The state capital is Hartford. The Connecticut River cuts through the center of the state, flowing into Long Island Sound.

Connecticut lies at the center of the Appalachian Mountains, a very old orogeny which was formed during the early Triassic. Once bigger than modern-day Himalayas, erosion removed most of it and now exposes metamorphic rocks, which were the core of the mountains ridge. These rocks are mostly not soluble and so there are few caves except some sea caves and some small tectonic caves. The only cave area of interest is between the Twin Lakes. Here are several karst caves, one was once even used as a show cave.

The center of an orogeny often shows mineralizations which were mined, but Connecticut only has a single show mine. The copper deposit was very small so the mine was actually used as a jail.