Venezuela - About the Country

Venezuela is a South American country located on the northern coast. The Capital is Caracas, the language is Spanish. Venezuela is a developing country and since the Bolivarian Revolution in 1999 it is governed by a left-wing populist social movement. The results are devastating, hyperinflation, riots, human rights violations, and faked elections.

It's a quasi dictatorship, drug producer, and developing country, each would be a safety issue for foreign tourism on its own. There are various embargos from various countries including the U.S.A. for drug trafficking, narcoterrorism, and corruption. Hundreds of people disappear every year, a person is murdered every 21 minutes. Violent crimes are so common, the government no longer produces the crime data. Venezuela is especially dangerous for foreign travelers and investors who are visiting.

The lack of underground sights in Venezuela is not based on the lack of caves, it's a result of the lack of tourism, both domestic and foreign. The country could develop dozens of great sites once it was out of the hole where it is currently in. While the country has fascinating quartzite karst, spectacular tiankengs, the largest cave entrance of the world, and the original Oilbird Cave, we cannot recommend traveling there at the moment.